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Our services in the area of production

The team of our production agency will prepare complete services for your company in the area of organization and event production. Relationships with our clients are based on mutual trust. We make an effort to come up with such a solution optimal for you as could be.

Internet a internet advertising
We will propose and make a complete web presentation for your company using the latest technologies and approach. We will provide your website domain as well as web hosting registration. According to your wish we will propose PPC advert and SEO search engine optimization.

www.vrist-hostinec.cz, www.nabytekukozu.cz, www.nabytekujana.cz, www.studiocool.cz

Internet - internetová reklama

Press conference
We will provide all the pre-conference services, printed materials, invitation cards posting, promotion, PR service, technical background, catering, interpretation, hostesses as well as organization of the press conference itself including all the documentation.

Press conference

Turnkey production from A to Z
Based on your request, taking the target group and expected goal into account we will choose a suitable event type, prepare the complete program and scenario. We will pick a fitting venue and will cater to technical stuff and personnel including hosts, singers, other performers, catering and related services.

- business events, team building programs, parties, balls
- receptions, training courses, seminars, sports and cultural events

Turnkey production from A to Z

Accompanying programs
We will prepare a scenario and will care for the accompanying programs at your events such as fireworks, laser show, bartending show, karaoke, popcorn show, bison rodeo, inflating amusement, simulators etc.

Accompanying programs

Technical provision of events
Zajistíme a zrealizujeme Vám kompletní technické vybavení pro vámi specifikovanou akci včetně všech povolení a připojení dle zadání.

Sound & light equipment - photographing - video recording
video walls - screens - catwalks - stages - projectors
promoting and security services

Technical provision of events

Media and marketing
We will propose and realize advertising and media campaigns for your promotion or publicity. We will work out marketing analysis for you. Securing broadcasting in media is a part of this. We co-operate with the most significant media partners both in the region and in the Czech republic.

Media and marketing

We will prepare promotion and advertising support for both your event and the product of your company by the complete services offered in the advertisement section.

- promotional CD, DVD, sales support, consultation, consultancy



Free solution for your website

Do you need a fast change of your web provider or web hosting? Are you not happy with your administrator or administration of your website? Do you want to upgrade the content of your website as soon as possible? Is your website found at an inconvenient position in search engines and do you get lost because of that in the sea of other competing websites? Call us and we will prepare an optimum solution for you for free.  

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